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October 22nd, 2014 by yoshi_s

Happy October!

As the greyness becomes dominant in weather forecast, Cedar Isle Farm is in a hurry getting winter grain in the ground. The seeds are sown with our optimism for next season and encouragement of your support for us! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a productive year ahead.

Next year’s rye crop has emerged, ready for winter, shielded on the north by the windbreak.

After many delays, two acres of a special field of winter wheat was seeded October 7th — the last window of opportunity for the season. We’re hoping favourable weather will permit it to grow several leaves before winter sets in and the plants go dormant.

Agassiz CSA member Meeghen Eaton hand-sows some experimental plots of winter wheat.

Jim packs newly-seeded garden-sized winter wheat plots with a heavy roller.

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October 3rd, 2014 by yoshi_s

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Harvest update / Hull-less oats / CSA member starting a micro bakery

September 26th, 2014 by yoshi_s

Happy September! The sky is clearer, nights are cooler, and stars are brighter. We’re welcoming the change of season here at Cedar Isle Farm, and making the most of a good stretch of sunny days.
In non-grain news, the mama cat has had a second batch of kittens (free to good homes) and the ducks have done their best to eat every slug on the farm. The sparrows have eaten well, the swallows have hatched more young than we can count, and we hear the young barn owls from time to time instead of every night.
Meanwhile, all of the grains have been harvested and the fields are in the midst of being ploughed and seeded: plans for the coming year have been drawn up and we even passed, with flying colours, our annual inspection from BCARA (our organic certifier). It’s been a great season for the farm, and we’re looking forward to sharing our stories and crops with you!

Harvest Update
Despite weedy patches in some of the fields and a few lodged (fallen over) crops, the warm and dry weather in August allowed us to harvest some mighty-fine grain. Everything has been cleaned to remove weed seeds and has been nicely dried. Most of it is  waiting patiently, though with some anticipation (as are we, to be honest), to be sent to Anita’s Organic Mill for milling and packaging. The distribution date will be announced soon!

Hull-less Oats
Our farm grew a new crop this season: hull-less oats. This variety of oats was developed in Canada and marketed as “Rice of Prairies” due to a culinary character similar to rice (more information about the oats in this article from Georgia Straight).  You can look forward to hearing more about these oats in the future… for now, let us just say: they’re delicious! :)

Want to bake, but no time?
Allow us to introduce you to Anne, one of our Vancouver-based CSA members, who’s starting a micro-bakery.

Hi! I’m Anne, baker and owner of Companion BakeHouse, a community supported MicroBakery in North Burnaby.  Recently I started using Cedar Isle Farm wheat and rye in my breads and my customers and I are loving it. My bread is Real Bread – it contains no processing aids, dough improvers, artificial flavours or other chemical additives.  I use a starter culture, so I don’t even use commercial yeast. This is the bread you’d be making for yourself and your family if you had the time to do so.  Some of my customers call it “better than bakery quality” bread.
I am hoping to help support Cedar Isle Farm by selling bread made with their grains.  If you appreciate the flavour and nutrients that are produced when locally grown ingredients are combined with traditional slow dough development methods, and if you’d like to develop a relationship with your baker in the same way you’ve developed a relationship with your farmer, then contact me at www.facebook.com/companionbakehouse

2014 shares now available!

June 12th, 2014 by Jim

Click here for details!


2014 Spring Update

May 19th, 2014 by Jim

Happy Spring
And welcome to the 2014 season of Urban Grains CSA!

Welcome new members! Welcome back previous members! We hope you have enjoyed your winter and early spring baking, and that you’re looking forward to the year ahead.

Another great season has begun!

So far it’s been a decent spring. Long stretches of cool wet weather were punctuated by warm and dry stretches in March, early April, and again in late April. These allowed us sufficient time to manure and prepare the fields and get the spring crops sown. While later than usual, the crops germinated well and now look quite good. They should grow vigorously once the steady warm sunny weather arrives. Together, we can be optimistic for the year ahead.

It’s a delicious time of year. Tree swallows swoop and turn over the slough. Newly-arrived barn swallows are busy building nests. A female wood duck has taken up in the box across the road, and we think the barn owls are nurturing young in the barn. When the sun shines brightly on a profusion of Fraser Valley foliage, the whole world appears to vibrate with green, and the grain could scarcely be happier.

What’s growing this year?

Hard red spring wheat. As in previous years, this will be our main crop. We planted some in mid-April (see above photo), and more at the very end of April, using mostly seed saved from previous years (variety: CDC Go). We’re hoping that higher soil nutrient levels and a good season will lead to higher yields of this excellent bread wheat.

Soft white spring wheat. Members will still be able to choose soft white spring wheat as an option in their 2014 share on a first-come-first-served basis. The 2013 crop was so good that we reserved some kernels for milling this autumn, allowing us the flexibility to try out some new crops for the CSA. We’ve really been enjoying this stored grain (variety: AC Andrew) in our own home baking, and we’ll be sure to plant it again in 2015.

Rye! Many of you have been politely asking about rye – for use in sourdoughs, as a flavor enhancer for your breads and for other baking. Fortunately, good weather followed the harvest last year, so there was time to plant rye in late September. After hunkering down as seedlings, the rye is now flourishing, and we’re hoping for an excellent crop.

Hulless oats? We’re delighted to finally have been able to obtain hulless oat seed for Urban Grains CSA … from Ontario and Quebec. A unique product of Canadian traditional plant breeding, this oat doesn’t need to be dehulled before cooking (like rice), flattening (for rolled oats), or milling (as flour). We won’t have large amounts available this experimental year, but it’s growing well and we hope to offer at least a sample for you to try. We’ll send more info about the development and use of this new crop soon.

Specialty crops. Thanks to your continuing interest and encouragement, we’re continuing to multiply our stocks of heritage grain, and are also experimenting with some new types. We’re excited about these and look forward to showing them to you during the farm visit!

2014 Memberships? We will be posting and sending you a 2014 registration form very soon. Please keep an eye out for it.

Thank you again for your interest and participation in Urban Grains CSA.
You help make this wonderful co-operative venture possible.
From all of us at Urban Grains, Happy Spring!

Harvest 2013

October 4th, 2013 by yoshi_s

The soft white spring wheat flourished during a wonderful summer and was harvested in late August. Hannah operates the combine beside a field of golden straw from newly-harvested oats.

 Two years ago, the Gentry family kindly donated a combine that had been parked for 20 years to Urban Grains CSA.  Agassiz-based  artist Mike Edwards (http://mikeedwardsart.com) spent many hours getting it back into working condition, and here it is – at long last – working  in a field of hard red spring wheat.  It’s an excellent machine, but some glitches persisted throughout the harvest, bringing new surprises each day.  (As a result, we regret that despite our initial plans, this harvest season wasn’t the proper (ahem) atmosphere for visitors…)  We’re confident that it’ll work like new next year (knock on wood)!

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October 1st, 2013 by yoshi_s

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The grain heads are filling!

July 16th, 2013 by yoshi_s

The glow of the setting sun on Mt. Cheam is a backdrop for maturing heads of Urban Grains CSA wheat 


Another wonderful growing day ends with the sun setting on Bear Mountain over a field of Urban Grains CSA bread wheat.


2013 shares available now!

May 24th, 2013 by yoshi_s

A warm greeting to all our Urban Grains CSA members and friends from Cedar Isle Farm! We hope you have enjoyed a winter and spring of great baking since we were last in touch.

After two uncertain growing seasons, we are pleased to report that this season is looking a lot more promising so far. We seeded both hard red spring wheat and soft white spring wheat in that lovely stretch of warm spring weather and the crops are growing well. So now we are able to offer CSA shares for sale to our existing and new members.

A good catch of hard red spring wheat

Wheat seedlings and Mt. Cheam

The share offer will be very similar to last year. If you would like to be part of our CSA, you register and pay for your share this spring and in the fall you will be able to pick up your share of the harvest from a central location in Vancouver.

Again, we will have two types of wheat available for members. The hard red spring wheat has a higher gluten content and can be used for making bread. We call this wheat “bread wheat” although it can be used in other baking as well. The soft white spring wheat has a lower gluten content and is less suitable for bread making, but has a lovely flavour and is great for pastry and pancakes, muffins, cookies — all your favourite baking recipes. This wheat is commonly called “pastry wheat”.

If you choose to purchase a 20kg share of wheat, it will be packaged in four 5kg bags. Again, you can select either bread wheat, pastry wheat or a combination of both. Also, you can have your wheat milled into whole grain flour or unmilled as kernels so that you can sprout it or mill it at home. Simply indicate on the registration form how you would like to receive your wheat and we’ll do our best to meet your request.

The cost of a share is $95 and to place your order, please download and print this registration form, fill it in and mail it, with your cheque, to:

Urban Grains CSA
Cedar Isle Farm
3270 Chaplin Road,
Agassiz, B.C.
V0M 1A2

Click here to download the registration form

We would like to invite all our 2013 shareholders to visit us at the farm this summer and see the crops in the ground. We’ll set a date for this farm visit as soon as the membership list is up and running but it will likely be in late July. We have so enjoyed seeing our members in the past and look forward to meeting you again this year.

With very best wishes from us all in Urban Grains,

Jim Grieshaber-Otto and Diane Exley at Cedar Isle Farm

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October 12th, 2012 by admin

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